Thankful for my hero

My dad was a survivor. He survived in Korea during the Japanese occupation; he survived through starvation, oppression, and even through a war. My dad was driven with great determination. He immigrated to the states, where he had humble beginnings waiting on tables at ritzy country clubs––this is where he fell in love with golf, a sport that brought him so much joy especially when playing with his son.

My dad was a remarkable family man. God blessed him with a beautiful wife, who was always by his side. When I was born, he was so protective of me that he forced his mother to quit smoking. My dad’s determination to provide the best for his family brought us to CA from NY, when he got hired as an electrical engineer at Howard Hughes air craft.

When he personally met Jesus Christ, he became more humble and compassionate. He received his calling to become a pastor, and he spent his life serving the Lord. He ministered to the people of a Japanese church in San Diego up until a few months ago, before the cancer took over his mobility, my dad continued to make monthly prayer books for that church. How he lived his life is a testament of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Every decision he made was made with his family in mind. My dad was a devoted son, brother, husband, and father. He truly enjoyed being our dad, and always wanted the best for us. He loved to crack jokes–often cheesy jokes–and he was a witty man. My dad was a skilled draftsman with a keen eye for photography. He made films out of our family photos. He loved music & played autoharp.

My dad was always there for me, and showed me love in so many ways. He, being a mathematician, always helped me with my math homework throughout grade school. He, being an artist, would encourage me to pursue art––he would take me to art galleries and introduce me to artists. Even up until a few months ago, he would leave me design books and cool notebooks on my desk, to show he was thinking of me. It is hard not to take things for granted, and I wish I thanked him more…

So, I wanted to make the time now to thank my dad and to thank God for blessing us with your life. Thank you, dad, for always picking me up when I fall, for rooting for me and cheering me on. Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me, and praying for me. You are the best dad, and we will always live with your love in our hearts. Thank you for fighting until the very end. We love you and will miss you always. Keep praying for us, and see you again soon.

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