Happy Birthday to You!

Fun creating a birthday email to Crepe Erase members

Westmore Beauty All Aboard!

Onboarding Email designed with Easy to Use Steps

Gear Up for an Active Lifestyle

Marketing Successful Athletic Collections with my Strategic Designs


Fashion Island Newport Beach Forever 21

My Apparel Branding concept design for Resort, Festival, Spring collections


Wedding Bliss

For this wedding design collection I wanted exquisite quality yet make a statement with it being  eco friendly. I used a letterpress printer co that was as Green as can be with their recycled materials and non-toxic methods. The envelopes were also made from recycled materials. The wedding programs included ones that fanned out into fans since the venue was a helicopter hangar with no AC. The stationary set included an invitation card, 2-sided rsvp card, outer envelope and an inner envelope.

The bride and groom wanted elegance with touches of fun creativity in the design as you see in the song request, playful type treatment and the helicopter icon with their initials on it. Moreover what made it exceptionally nice was the Letterpress printing design on 100% cotton letterpress paper, 110#c in bright white.

For more added detail I designed envelope lining to the main envelope, a map and point location of the venue.

I also designed a menu poster for them so their guests can view the dinner schedule and what the food truck would be serving. It is always good to see a visual of what the guests would be eating.

Another piece thrown into the wedding package was their Photo Booth card design which would be their wedding favors for the guests to enjoy and take home.


Wedding Hotspot

I am happy to announce that I will be extending my design service to weddings! I would love to meet all you lovely betrothed couples out there and capture your charm onto the designs I create for your wedding. If you have little time but appreciate good design and care about the little details then we are in business. My wedding services offer the whole wedding stationary package which includes cards (print or digital) for Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner,  Wedding Announcement, Save the Date, Invitation, RSVP, Info, and Thank you. Then the print pieces incorporated on the big day to match your wedding theme and invitations are Table Numbers. Programs, Menus, Favor Tags, Stickers and any other additional signs needed to decorate your special day. Wedding prepping most often times are overwhelming and stressful so I offer you my consultation to ease the process. Let your experience be a happy, memorable time.


For this low budget wedding, I made sure not to sacrifice good design. The paper and printing would be low cost but it would not matter with the exceptionally intricate detail and thoughtfulness I put into the design. The cute, whimsical illustrations and fun type styles portray the couple so perfectly. I followed the wedding color theme of mint green, coral and gold accents and coordinated matching envelopes. Everything came together so flawlessly. 

Art Mode

I am going back to my roots and drawing and painting again. Water color and hand lettering has become a huge trend lately especially in the wedding industry. I am practicing to expand my skill and offer a full ray of custom design for weddings. Dolphins and whales are my favorite animals. I am fascinated by their friendly smile and intelligence. Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list. I really liked the pineapple quote. I think this should be instilled in all the girls to be confident and kind. A made a reminder to myself to focus on God. I desire to tap into the spiritual realm ever since my dad is passed on to the Spirit world. I thought to commemorate my grandmother this year so that she is not forgotten. It is a portrait of her at the age of 85.


My Manatee

I am excited for this new launch from ChubChub! I had the honor of designing the packaging, logos and graphics for ChowBuddy, Sea Buddy Utensil Set. It is sold on Amazon.com. What I love about this product is that the parent is given the opportunity to educate their child about endangered species. There is a description on the back about the manatee and how we can partner together to protect our beloved sea creatures for future generations to enjoy seeing.




Thankful for my hero

My dad was a survivor. He survived in Korea during the Japanese occupation; he survived through starvation, oppression, and even through a war. My dad was driven with great determination. He immigrated to the states, where he had humble beginnings waiting on tables at ritzy country clubs––this is where he fell in love with golf, a sport that brought him so much joy especially when playing with his son.

My dad was a remarkable family man. God blessed him with a beautiful wife, who was always by his side. When I was born, he was so protective of me that he forced his mother to quit smoking. My dad’s determination to provide the best for his family brought us to CA from NY, when he got hired as an electrical engineer at Howard Hughes air craft.

When he personally met Jesus Christ, he became more humble and compassionate. He received his calling to become a pastor, and he spent his life serving the Lord. He ministered to the people of a Japanese church in San Diego up until a few months ago, before the cancer took over his mobility, my dad continued to make monthly prayer books for that church. How he lived his life is a testament of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Every decision he made was made with his family in mind. My dad was a devoted son, brother, husband, and father. He truly enjoyed being our dad, and always wanted the best for us. He loved to crack jokes–often cheesy jokes–and he was a witty man. My dad was a skilled draftsman with a keen eye for photography. He made films out of our family photos. He loved music & played autoharp.

My dad was always there for me, and showed me love in so many ways. He, being a mathematician, always helped me with my math homework throughout grade school. He, being an artist, would encourage me to pursue art––he would take me to art galleries and introduce me to artists. Even up until a few months ago, he would leave me design books and cool notebooks on my desk, to show he was thinking of me. It is hard not to take things for granted, and I wish I thanked him more…

So, I wanted to make the time now to thank my dad and to thank God for blessing us with your life. Thank you, dad, for always picking me up when I fall, for rooting for me and cheering me on. Thank you for believing in me, encouraging me, and praying for me. You are the best dad, and we will always live with your love in our hearts. Thank you for fighting until the very end. We love you and will miss you always. Keep praying for us, and see you again soon.


Here's some behind the scenes shot during the LAB2 video shoot in L.A. My team is so excited to have our very own beauty tutorials on the website. Brett Freedman from BrettGlam did an incredible job bringing tips and tricks for the amazing LAB2 makeup brushes. Also Myron Kim and his crew from Moka Visuals were awesome to work with at Cement Studio. I am proud to be the designer behind this new and upcoming brand "Live and Breathe Beauty". The e-commerce site will be launching end of this month. You can also purchase these top quality brushes at a Walmart near you.

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