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Happy Birthday to You!

Fun creating a birthday email to Crepe Erase members

Westmore Beauty All Aboard!

Onboarding Email designed with Easy to Use Steps

Gear Up for an Active Lifestyle

Marketing Successful Athletic Collections with my Strategic Designs


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Fashion Island Newport Beach Forever 21

My Apparel Branding concept design for Resort, Festival, Spring collections


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Wedding Bliss

For this wedding design collection I wanted exquisite quality yet make a statement with it being  eco friendly. I used a letterpress printer co that was as Green as can be with their recycled materials and non-toxic methods. The envelopes were also made from recycled materials. The wedding progr…

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Wedding Hotspot

I am happy to announce that I will be extending my design service to weddings! I would love to meet all you lovely betrothed couples out there and capture your charm onto the designs I create for your wedding. If you have little time but appreciate good design and care about the little details then …

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Art Mode

I am going back to my roots and drawing and painting again. Water color and hand lettering has become a huge trend lately especially in the wedding industry. I am practicing to expand my skill and offer a full ray of custom design for weddings. Dolphins and whales are my favorite animals. I am fasci…

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My Manatee

I am excited for this new launch from ChubChub! I had the honor of designing the packaging, logos and graphics for ChowBuddy, Sea Buddy Utensil Set. It is sold on What I love about this product is that the parent is given the opportunity to educate their child about endangered species. T…

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Thankful for my hero

My dad was a survivor. He survived in Korea during the Japanese occupation; he survived through starvation, oppression, and even through a war. My dad was driven with great determination. He immigrated to the states, where he had humble beginnings waiting on tables at ritzy country clubs––this is wh…

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Here's some behind the scenes shot during the LAB2 video shoot in L.A. My team is so excited to have our very own beauty tutorials on the website. Brett Freedman from BrettGlam did an incredible job bringing tips and tricks for the amazing LAB2 makeup brushes. Also Myron Kim and hi…

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Boston, MA

I think the highlight of 2014 for me was attending HOW Design Conference for the first time and getting to see Boston for the first time. Thanks to my teammate Kristen J, who pushed my boss to get the trip approved by the president. And thanks to my boss who sent me a day…

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Women of Faith

Encourage Faith

My full-time work gave me four tickets to the Women of Faith From Survival to Revival 2014 Tour. Four sisters were blessed with my win and invitation to hear amazing speakers and talented artists performing for the two day event at the Honda Center. Christine Caine, fo…

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Sharing some behind the scenes from the L.A.B.2 Product Photoshoot. The brushes performed very well. We got down and dirty, but the results turned out fabulous. I used my giant sketchbook to create lovely swatches for one of the shots. The lipstick layout was the most cha…

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Flash Tattoos

Transform your entire look... in a Flash!

These jewelry inspired temporary tattoos were all the rage over the summer.  Actually, the Flash Tattoos are still popping up everywhere. And since Southern California  is 90% warm weather, I can flaunt bare tattooed skin all year long. Each Flash Tattoo …

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Purchase with Purpose


The purpose Jewelry logo tattooed on my wrist as well as the bracelet adorned on my
wrist. I like the beads with the sleek metallic accent.

Modeling the Jewelry. is
handcrafted by survivors of sexual slavery. 100% of the proceeds go to International …

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Santa Ana Artist Village

Studio Crescendoh.

I love this artist's style! It's very French fashiony that appeals to me.


August 2014

Celebrity Sighting

Yes, that is Bono from U2.  I thought he was a very amicable star to oblige and take photos with all the fans who approached him. 

Bono(fied) Be(a)sties!

Dawn got us tickets! Dawn, Viet and I friends for 15+ years!! Pageant of the Arts in Laguna Beach was an a…

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May I See Your ID

You are God’s masterpiece. (Ephesians 2:10)

I had made the frustrating, tragic mistake of trying to find the kingdom of God, which is righteousness, peace and joy (see Romans 14:17), in things and other people. I didn’t realize the kingdom of God is within us, as the apostle Paul wrote in Colos…

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Triune Dance

7x7 shadow box
origami, embroidery floss, acrylic on canvas paper

“I am a garden enclosed. A locked garden.
A fountain that’s sealed.
I am Your resting place. Here in the reservoir of me.
That you would dwell in my heart.
That I could fellowship with God.
The very glory of God, on the inside of m…

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I am overwriting all the lies I believed in with God’s Truth.

I am fearfully
and wonderfully made
I am His new creation
I am predestined
I am chosen
I am adopted
I am a son of God
I am God’s child
I am God’s bride

I am loved
I am bought with a price
I am redeemed
I am set free from sin
I am joined to th…

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