Boston, MA

I think the highlight of 2014 for me was attending HOW Design Conference for the first time and getting to see Boston for the first time. Thanks to my teammate Kristen J, who pushed my boss to get the trip approved by the president. And thanks to my boss who sent me a day early so I can squeeze time in for some sightseeing. I fell in love with the city on the first day. I like the history filled landmarks and the clean public transportation. It was awesome to travel around the city on foot. The food there is delicious! Moreover, I was completely awestruck to see the famous graphic designer and performance artist Stefan Sagmeister in person after following him in design books and magazines since my college days. Stefan is such an endearing person! I was mesmerized by his presentation on Happiness. All the research and art he built into it and creating a show was astounding and very entertaining. Johnny Cupcakes, a most passionate entrepreneur, was there to share his success story and sell his coveted products at one of the booths. It was definitely an adventure exploring the city by myself. A very memorable experience. 

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