Awareness for Cambodia

Cambodia needs your help.

I forgot to mention on the mic that night how my pieces tie to Cambodia. Human Trafficking was a hidden crime known to have started overseas in South East Asia. Nowadays it has spread like wild fire all over the world. The heinous crime is still a devastation in Cambodia if not worse because little children who are only 4-5 years old are being sold into sex slavery every day. High profile doctors and business men travel to Cambodia and purchase a package of 4-5 year old children for their sex pleasure. The pornography industry must be torn down and banished here in order to end modern day slavery. People are not aware that the women and children they view on the internet are forced and drugged as they are being filmed. They are not paid actors but rather victims of human trafficking. The internet and its easy access to upload and download videos has made the pornography industry a 13 billion dollar business. More and more children are being raped, mutilated and put to death everyday. Let's take a stand against human trafficking and end pornography in America today. For more resources check out

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