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My Greeting Line

         Hang on these words.

I have been into creating greeting cards ever since my kinder days. In high school I remembered enjoying crafting my own Christmas cards and giving that away to friends. Friends have treasured and shared with me how they…

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zionfest 2012



ZionFest2012 was a happening place Saturday Evening with Spirit-filled Reggae, HipHip, DJ and Graffiti artists.  The free concert was sponsored by thewayout ministries in Hawaiin Gardens, Ca.


The …

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Quotes Collage 3

Quotes of the Day.

I was preparing for the Orangewood Mentoring Night that is held every first Tuesday of the month. As one of the leaders, I am in charge of putting together the activity. My dear friend Leesa was going to bring the memory board supplies so I thought I'd make snap shots of posi…

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Quote Collage Two

Quote got your tongue?

I am tending to my broken heart by creating these collage boards. And it's expanding into another project I have in the works. My goal is to launch it this month so please stay tuned. In the meantime, be encouraged, be amused, be entertained. 

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