Triune Dance

7x7 shadow box
origami, embroidery floss, acrylic on canvas paper

“I am a garden enclosed. A locked garden.
A fountain that’s sealed.
I am Your resting place. Here in the reservoir of me.
That you would dwell in my heart.
That I could fellowship with God.
The very glory of God, on the inside of me.
Christ in me, the hope of my glory.
That I would abide in the Vine.
Here it’s you and me alone, God.
So come into Your garden.
I’m no longer my own, I’m Your garden.
I don’t want to waste my life living on the outside.
I’m going to live from the inside out.”

My soul is like His garden. He prunes and works on my wild, untamed heart.
Only by grace and through Faith in Him I have the boldness to come before His throne. I am invited into sweet fellowship, the perfect relationship shared with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, which I call the Triune Dance.

crane=symbol of peace (because of the legend of a young Japanese girl exposed to radiation from the bombing of Hiroshima in World War II. She decided to fold a 1000 cranes before dying of Leukemia. Since then many groups have undertaken the folding of 1000 cranes, to make a wish to end suffering and bring healing to the victims of the world.) The Truth is God is peace and my Healer so I have represented God the Father with the crane.

star of David=Jesus, God the Son

box=God the Holy Spirit (gift to us)

butterfly=me, transformation


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