Orangewood Super Party

Let the games begin.

The June Saturday event was extraordinary because my Life Group from Rock Harbor joined me. They went all out to make it a fun, memorable day for the children staying at the shelter. Ryan and Kayleen made a giant tic tac toe game out of a shower curtain, fluorescent masking tape and used frisbees for the Os and the Xs. Steve invented a poop shoot and taped the toilet paper rolls into balls for it to shoot through the built in toilet seat. Ted brought orange cones and rollers to create an obstacle course relay race. I worked in the Spa station and treated the children to tattoos, hair coloring and hair pieces donated by Sheila, a brand manager at my work. It was awesome how God orchestrated everything down to the very detail especially Josh's meeting with a boy who was released on his 18th birthday. Josh got to connect with him, take him to the beach and treat him to a baseball game.


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